Climate Justice, Climate Jobs: what struggles do we need to win and how?

Join our trade union conference on Saturday 13 April

Join us for an in-person conference in London, at the Crowndale Centre, NW1, near Mornington Crescent tube (many thanks to Camden Unison for hosting us). 11am-4.45pm (registration from 10.30)

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The climate crisis is more real, and has a bigger impact on our lives, every day. Around the world, those who have contributed least to the crisis suffer the most. 

The climate crisis is a class issue and a trade union issue. There is an urgent need to reduce global carbon emissions to ensure we are not engulfed by temperature rises which make our societies, lives and livelihoods impossible because of the impact of extreme weather. 

The biggest block to this change is the power and influence of corporations and governments representing them. They make huge profits for a minority out of an economic system wedded to fossil fuels.

Fighting for a huge transformation of the economy in the interests of people and the planet should be at the top of the trade union agenda. But it isn't. So how do we make sure the strength of the working class and trade union movement is at the heart of tackling the climate emergency?

Part of the answer is in knowing what arguments and battles currently divide and weaken us and how we win these. Part of the answer lies in being part of a global movement of international solidarity standing with the struggles of the oppressed for justice. Come and join us for this important conference.

Discussions to include:

Opening plenary: 

- What’s the balance sheet on climate in trade unions? Are we going backwards in the trade union movement? With Sarah Woolley, General Secretary, BFAWU; John Moloney, Asst Gen Sec, PCS; Izzie McIntosh, Global Justice Now; Ian Mitchell, formerly Silverwood Colliery; Suzanne Jeffery, Campaign against Climate Change

Workshops (morning)

- A National Climate Service - why the market can’t deliver a plan for the climate. Round table trade union discussion with speakers including John Moloney, PCS; Sarah Woolley, BFAWU, Liz Wheatley, Unison, Jenny Patient, researcher and former TUC Project Officer for Just Transition in Yorks & Humber

- Greenwash and Jobswash - the false solutions which trade unions should oppose, not support, and why it matters. Speakers including  Merry Dickinson, Stop Burning Trees Coalition; Pascoe Sabido, Corporate Europe Observatory; Ellen Robottom, CACCTU and Leeds TUC; Jonathan Essex, Green House Think Tank

- Climate Justice and Palestine - no climate justice on occupied land. With Ellie Kinney, Conflict and Environment Observatory; Anne Alexander, co-founder of the MENA solidarity network; and Manal Shqair, Palestinian  researcher, author and contributor to the book "Dismantling Green Colonialism" 

- Climate, Jobs and Public Services - fighting for public services and public ownership that delivers for people and planet. With Pallavi Devulapalli, Keep Our NHS Public; Simon Pirani, Fare Free London; Fran Postlethwaite, Better Buses South Yorkshire; Katrine Williams, PCS.

Workshops (afternoon)

- Sustainable food production and decent work - organising across the food system. With Sarah Woolley, Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union; Martin Empson, CACCTU, and author on class struggle, landwork and environmentalism; Radhika Jani, Platform's food justice project.

- War, fossil fuels and climate - why defence diversification is a key battle for the climate. Speakers including Khem Rogaly, Common Wealth; Sam Mason, CND; Suzanne Jeffery, CACCTU and NEU 

- Ending fossil fuels and renewable energy - what would a workers plan for energy look like? With Ruby Earle, Platform; Pete Cannell, Scot.E3; and Professor Linda Clarke; Jake Molloy, RMT and Just Transition Commission

- Racism and migration - social justice and climate justice for North and South. Speakers including Zita Holbourne, Joint National Chair of Artists' Union England and BARAC UK (Black Activists Rising Against Cuts); Tyrone Scott, War on Want; John Sinha, Campaign against Climate Change

Final Plenary:

- Summing up the day and looking ahead - an election year for the climate

Workshop speakers and details being added over the coming days - check back for more!

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Saturday, April 13, 2024 - 11:00 to 16:30