New aviation emissions deal would cheat the climate

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) are meeting in Canada to make a deal to limit aviation emissions - the only problem is that the proposed deal would not in fact limit them in any meaningful way. The proposal is to allow emissions from aviation to increase 300%-700%, compensating for this with 'carbon offsetting. In the words of one critic, the deal 'has loopholes big enough to fly a jumbo jet through.

The video above, produced by Fern, sets out the problem clearly. This increase in emissions will break the agreements made in the Paris talks, wildly off track from anything consistent with the goal of keeping warming within 1.5 degrees or even 2 degrees temperature target impossible. This plan has already been denounced by at least 90 international organisations, including Fern, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the Indigenous Environmental Network. Read more about what's wrong with the plans.

Could anything be salvaged out of this mess? The Aviation Environment Federation (AEF) posted an article, based on the ICAO's press release, giving five ways that the UN aviation climate agreement could be saved. The article also covers the issue of using offsets, by ensuring double counting is avoided. You can visit the article here.

Take Action!

You can help raise awareness of the issue raised by Fern by sharing the video on social media. Fern also encourages as many people to contact the ICAO and tell them that they should focus on reducing emissions now and exclude forest and soil carbon offsets. You can do this by posting messages on their Facebook and Twitter (using #ICAOA39) pages.

Global Day of Action

On 1 October there will be a Global Day of Action opposing aviation expansion. Reclaim the Power is hosting a #StayGrounded Mass Day of Action at Heathrow as part of this. Spread the word by sharing the events on Facebook (by visiting here and here).