Trade union leaders stand with XR on right to protest

The decision by the Metropolitan Police to ban Extinction Rebellion (XR) protests in London is an attack on civil liberties, and ignores the urgency of the climate emergency facing us. The use of Section 14 to enforce this ban is especially worrying.The right of assembly and protest is an important one that has been fought for by campaigners, the Labour movement and trade union movement over many years. XR protesters in London and in countries around the world have courageously used this right to highlight the urgency of the climate crisis, and the criminal inaction by governments in dealing with it.

We stand in solidarity with those facing arrests and bans, and in their fight for action on climate change. As XR have said, "the International Rebellion continues". We have an important role to play in combating the climate crisis and fighting for a just transition. The government should be tackling the climate emergency rather than banning and arresting protestors who have brought attention to it. 

Diane Abott MP
Clive Lewis MP
Sue Hayman MP
Ellie Chown MEP
Molly Scott Cato MEP
Siân Berry, London AM & co-leader Green Party
Suzanne Jeffery, Secretary, Campaign Against Climate Change
John Moloney, Assistant General Secretary of Public & Commerical Services Union
Manuel Cortes, General Secretary of the Transport Salaried Staffs' Association
Michelle Stanistreet, General Secretary of the National Union of Journalists
Ian Hodson, National President Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union
Steve Hedley, Senior Assistant General Secretary National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers 
Tony Kearns, Senior Deputy General Secretary Communication Workers Union
Jane Loftus, Vice-President Communication Workers Union