Switch to Good Energy: How Divestment Can Help the Climate

Last week Campaign against Climate Change agreed partnership with Good Energy. For every individual who switches to Good Energy quoting Campaign against Climate Change £25 is donated from Good Energy to Campaign against Climate Change and £25 is given to you!

Making the energy switch you can be finally safe in the knowledge that your energy comes from Cornish sunshine, Scottish wind and Welsh rain rather than dirty climate destroying fossil fuels proffered by the Big Six Energy companies.

Good Energy is 100% certified renewables.

Not only that, but you can also help to fund Campaign against Climate Change without dipping into your own pocket! 

Divestment is the best tool we have against massive corporations that continually ravage our planet. As we are all well aware, the power of large corporations extends well beyond their relevant markets and into Government policy and has direct control over our quality of life - through our fuel bills.

We cannot have a conversation with the Big Six Energy companies about unjust practice or environmental responsibilty - it is simply not in their interest and directly contradicts their commitment to their shareholders to pursue profit regardless of any other factors.

The only weakness of the energy corporation giants that we can use, to make the playing field level rather than a David and Goliath scenario, is the soft underbelly of their need for demand and public reputation.

This belly is large and protudes out of their armour of vast sums of our money,  which is strengthened by the galavanised steel of corporate lawyers and in-house legal departments. The simple fact is, without us they are nothing.

Divestment, means taking back control of our energy, our climate and lives. If we all choose to move to Good Energy, then not only do we put ourselves in a position that reestablishes our power as a consumer but also means that we know that our energy is coming from a truly renewable source (unlike Biomass).

Take Action: Make the switch.