Balcombe unites against Fracking

Last Thursday afternoon the Campaign against Climate Change (CCC) office jumped on a train and headed down to Balcombe, a small village in rural West Sussex.  Balcombe is a typical home counties village with winding lanes, a range of traditional cottages and houses centered around some of the most british of institutions, a tea shop and a pub. Adding an oil company into the mix may not seem the most obvious choice for this rural idyll.

Two degree limit: a dangerous way to think about climate change?

Photo by Flickr user Eladesor

The idea that any warming up to two degrees is ‘safe’ has shaped not just discussions on climate change, but the process of international negotiations. The Campaign against Climate Change has always tried to be clear that significant harm will take place well before this, and that we must consider the risk of triggering positive feedbacks such as the release of methane from Arctic melt.