Lucas Plan film launch

Feel environmentally inspired with THE PLAN a true story that started 40 years ago...

Premiered at the London Film Festival and nominated for the Grierson Award THE PLAN is being screened at launch events in 6 cities on 1st March followed by a UK wide tour

In these cinemas 1st March

Birmingham, Midlands Art Centre / Cambridge, Arts Picturehouse

Liverpool, Picturehouse at FACT / London, Bertha Dochouse

Norwich, Cinema City / Sheffield, Showroom

Film + panel Q&A

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Part film essay, part documentary THE PLAN tells the untold story of how a group of British weapons engineers switched to designing hybrid engines and wind turbines and were nominated for the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize. At a time when climate injustice is fanning the flames of inequality THE PLAN looks at how this group of eco-pioneering aerospace engineers took control for the sake of the planet. Their heroism has been forgotten but as constant wars and climate crisis proliferate there's vital lessons to be learnt from their story.

In 1976 a representative body of staff and manual worker unions from Lucas Aerospace produced an alternative corporate plan to produce products that could be useful and important for society. Specific proposals included, in the medical sector, an expansion of 40% in the production of kidney dialysis machines, which at that time were being manufactured on one of the L.A. sites. The Combine ‘regarded it was scandalous that people could be dying for the want of a kidney machine when those who could be producing them are facing the prospect of redundancy’. In the energy sector, proposals included the development of heat pumps, solar cell technology, wind turbines and fuel cell technology. In transport, a new hybrid power pack for motor vehicles and road-rail vehicles. The Combine’s Alternative Corporate Plan received worldwide support from a multitude of organisations. However, the proposals were rejected out of hand by L.A. management. Forty years on, the products put forward by the Combine in their worker’s plan are now mainstream.

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"This film captures a unique moment in our history - highly skilled workers showing how to turn swords into ploughshares. If we want to transform society, this is a good place to start." Ken Loach

"The Lucas Plan holds out hope that production can be transformed to create a fairer, greener world. This will be a must-see film for every trade unionist." Frances O'Grady, Gen Sec TUC

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