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Infrastructure Bill - a threat to climate action

The Infrastructure Bill currently passing through Parliament includes a legal obligation on current and future governments to help trash the world’s climate - or in other words to "maximise economic recovery of UK petroleum".

It would also change the trespass law to allow fracking companies to drill beneath people’s homes and land without their permission and to leave any substance or infrastructure in the land.

Time to Act: Sheffield Climate Alliance event

Strengthening local alliances and planning for action

Sheffield Climate Alliance brings together a range of local organisations and individuals who are pressing for effective action to tackle climate change, campaigning on issues including climate jobs and fossil fuel divestment. On 29 May a special meeting was held where Suzanne Jeffery from the Campaign against Climate Change was invited to speak about our Time to Act campaign. The meeting was a great success and the format could be repeated elsewhere - please get in touch if you would like to hold a similar meeting in your area!