We want to build the widest possible coalition of forces to campaign for action on climate change. Trade unions are a vital part of this

Trade union affiliation to the Campaign against Climate Change

Template motion for affiliation to the campaign 

Flyer about the trade union group and affiliation (we can send paper copies on request to 

List of affiliated unions and branches

The impacts of climate change are already upon us. We don't have to look hard to see the devastation that has taken hold on peoples lives and the environment across the globe, from bleached coral reefs to wildfires in Canada, from melting Arctic ice to droughts in southern Africa, rapidly rising temperatures are taking their toll.

In the UK, the effects of climate change have not reached our shores so severely yet. But, if it is not taken seriously, the effects will be catastrophic. Responding appropriately to the climate crisis upon us will open the gateway for hundreds of thousands of green jobs.

Affiliation fees

Rates are listed below. You can pay by cheque payable to Campaign against Climate Change, and posted to Campaign against Climate Change, Top Floor, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX.

Nowadays many unions choose to pay by bank transfer, and we encourage, wherever possible, to set this up as a recurring payment (standing order), to reduce administration workload (both ours and your own)

If you would like more information about affiliating your Union with CCC or have any other enquiries, e-mail us at

Local union branches and trades councils: £25
Regional bodies: £50
National unions
<100,000 members: £150
100,000-300,000 members: £300
>300,000 members: £600


Keeping in touch

Information about our trade union group meetings and other campaign updates is circulated in our Google group, so at least one representative should join. Both the Google group and our regular meetings are open to all. Sign up for our Google group here.

Individual membership

If you would like to join as an individual, find out more on our main website