There can be no environmental or climate justice when there is oppression

We stand with millions around the world calling for:

Ceasefire now. An end to the siege on Gaza: safe water, food, fuel, and medicine now.

Release all hostages and all Palestinian political prisoners being held illegally.

An end to Israel's occupation and work towards a just peace

We are horrified at the ongoing suffering and condemn all attacks on civilians and collective punishment. As trade unionists we also look to a just solution to the conflict. Many of the unions we belong to have policy which opposes Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian land, apartheid policies and permanent sieges of Gaza and West Bank, which have limited access for Palestinian people to agricultural lands, clean water and fuel.

In recent days we have seen unions, for example Belgian transport workers, take solidarity action with Palestinian people by refusing to handle shipments of armaments which will further the war on Gaza. Instead these unions are calling for a ceasefire.

Worryingly the UK government as well as supplying weapons to Israel are also attempting to further crack down on the right to protest and freedom of speech in relation to the huge demonstrations calling for an end to the war on Gaza. We have seen this in response to environmental protests and strike action. We know that any further limits on the right to protest will be used also against climate and environmental protest and workers' strikes.

We say there will be no climate justice without an end to oppression and an end to the war on Gaza. Ceasefire now. Defend the right to protest. Stand against antisemitism, Islamophobia and racism.