April 21-24: Unite to Survive

We're supporting the Extinction Rebellion call-out for the 'BIG ONE' mobilisation, involving more than 200 groups and organisations gathering around Parliament 21-24 April

It's clear that the multiple crises we face are interlinked: irreversible climate breakdown, spiralling cost of living and poverty, and attacks on fundamental rights to protest and strike. So let's make sure this message is heard with plenty of trade union banners and placards on the action!

Friday 21 April

'People's pickets' outside government departments, with many different groups coming together to organise these. CACCTU will be at the "Department for Energy Security and Net Zero" (DESNZ), along with other groups including Fuel Poverty Action, Stop Rosebank, Just Stop Oil and Biofuelwatch and more. 

Activists will be there from 7am to allow engagement with workers as they arrive. The 'pickets' will continue throughout the day until 6pm, though key times are likely to be12 noon to 2pm when workers are coming and going, and activists coming for the day are most likely to be around.. At 3pm there will also be an 'opening ceremony' in Parliament Square.

PCS Union are supporting the action but will not be asking members to come out during core hours, only at lunchtime. Note that "People's Pickets" are to be inclusive and accessible, and won't block access to the buildings.

Some trade unionists will be planning to attend other picket sites with their local groups or specific campaigns. There is a map showing the locations of the different government departments.

Saturday 22 April

The trade union hub will be opposite the south end of the Houses of Parliament, just past 'Old Palace Yard' where the health, education and science hubs are based. CACCTU will be there along with XR TU and other trade union climate groups. We'll have speakers and discussion from 11-1pm, about how trade unions and climate activists can and must work together, the solutions we need, and those we don't.  Please come and join us if you can!

11am - Welcome! Trade unions and climate activism

Daniel Randall, RMT and XRTU

11.10 - The changes we need

Climate jobs - Suzanne Jeffery, CACCTU; Avoiding greenwash - Ellen Robottom, CACCTU; Offshore workers’ demands for a just energy transition  - Rosemary Harris, Platform; Cumbria coal mine and green jobs - Hazel Graham; plus open discussion

11.40 - Climate/green networks in trade unions

NEU Climate Change Network - Paul Atkin; Equity For a Green New Deal; Unite Grassroot Climate Justice Caucus - Clara Paillard; plus open discussion and networking

12.10 - Democracy - workers and climate

Workers Assemblies - Finlay Asher, Safe Landing; Green reps (tbc)

12.25 - Organising locally (speakers and open mic)

Carol Mills, Eastbourne Trades Council, plus other speakers

From 1pm CACCTU will be joining other trade union climate activists for a Trade Union bloc on the march for biodiversity – please bring your TU flags and banners.  

Sunday 23 April

"Running out of Time" - the London marathon goes past Parliament Square. The trade union hub will be a meeting point for leafleting about the importance of trade union organising and the connections between the different issues and crises facing us.

Monday 24 April

'People's Pickets' again, so a range of activities are happening outside government departments as on Friday, as well as Parliament, with MPs returning.


Get your trade union branch to support

Below is a template motion to support this specific action and to support the Campaign against Climate Change trade union group. It can obviously be adapted as needed if your branch is already affiliated to our campaign and has plenty of climate jobs books!


This branch/trades council notes that rising global temperatures are already causing extreme weather impacts, from last year’s unprecedented UK heatwave to the catastrophic floods in Pakistan. Those suffering worst have done the least to cause the crisis; 

It also notes that the UK government is failing to take the urgent action needed: encouraging fossil fuel expansion and neglecting basic measures to cut energy demand, such as insulating homes.

It notes that the same energy companies responsible for the climate crisis have received billions in excess profits, and that continuing the UK's dependence on fossil gas contributes to unprecedented levels of fuel poverty.

It notes the mass mobilisation for climate action called around Parliament for 21-24 April by XR, as part of which there will be 'people's pickets' on Friday 21st and a trade union hub on Saturday 22nd.

It believes industrial struggles and the fight against climate breakdown are closely linked, that mutual support is essential, and that street protest is a vital part of resistance.

It believes that for a safe and sustainable future we need decent public services with a well-paid workforce, alongside a comprehensive programme of climate jobs, as proposed in "Climate Jobs: Building a Workforce for the Climate Emergency".

The branch/region/ trades council therefore resolves:

1. To inform members about the mobilisation and attend with our trade union banner.

2. To affiliate to the Campaign against Climate Change.

3. To order copies of the “Climate Jobs: Building a Workforce for the Climate Emergency" report for sale to members. (see cacctu.org.uk/climatejobs)

4. To notify the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group of our decision by emailing climatetradeunion@gmail.com


[Affiliation fees: branches and trades councils £25, regions and County Associations £50, national unions from £150, depending on size]